Reestablish a mindful and intuitive relationship with food.

Mindful Eating is now available on demand. 

Our relationships with food determine so much about our lives: our energy levels and wellbeing, our schedules, our self acceptance and our interactions with others.Food can bring us joy, nourish us, delight our tastebuds and connect our communities. So why is our relationship to it so stressful?

This four module, self paced e-course connects eating and mindfulness to welcome new perspectives to all our many relationships with food, feelings and the body. 

We’ll begin this course by asking how do I eat, followed by what do I eat and why do I eat, and end with creating our own personal handbook for mindful eating. 

Some exercises are experiential, many are journalling-based. Some modules are shorter, and some longer, but the course is designed to be very completeable.

Not a fitness regime, nor a diet, or advice about how to lose weight quicker. 

More awareness, less rumination. Mindful Eating will encourage you to observe and think independently about food and what exactly it means for you, so you can reestablish a kinder, more pleasurable and more sustainable relationship with one of life’s essential needs.

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